Bacaan Ahmad Mustafa Kamil dan Muridnya

As mentioned earlier I want to begin to post some pictures and more about this place. It is a place that has become the 'musical' school of Mustafa Ismael for people all over Egypt. It is also a place where many great reciters come to discuss, listen, and learn about Sh. Mustafa Ismael.

Ahmad Mustafa Kamel is currently working for the Fajr TV channel which is broadcasted in Egypt and in the middle east. His job is in helping qualify new reciters that are looking for a chance to recite on TV and show their talent. Many new egyptian reciters that are up and coming have been found by him and he has helped them develop their technique and skills. A couple of reciters that he has helped in training and enhancing include:

Yasir Sharqawi

Reda Konay
Somaya Abdel Aziz
Momen Mahmood
and others...

Ahmad Mustafa is also the largest collector and preserver for Sh. Mustafa Ismael's audio recordings in the world. He is the source for even sound recording companies such as Sono Cairo and others when it comes to Sh. Mustafa Ismael. He has the original copies of most of Sh. Mustafa Ismaels recordings many of which are on older magnetic reels. The number of recordings is more than 600. In the days to come I will break out the specifics of this number by Surahs. I personally have purchased over 250 recordings from Ahmad Mustafa which have now been posted on This site has been established by Ensar Demarkin a great lover of Sh. Mustafa Ismael. Ensar has worked hard to convert all of the recordings to digital format and preserve their quality as best as possible. May Allah reward him for his efforts.